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13 April 2009 @ 01:39 am
Master Fic List  

Homeward Bound (Juliet, Sawyer, Daniel, Miles, Jin, young Ben, Jacob) - PG 13 - A year in the life of Juliet Burke, circa 1974 - on island and off. (GEN)

Four Part Harmony (Daniel, Charlotte, Jin, Miles, Desmond, Penny) - PG13 - Ever wonder what Faraday did in Ann Arbor? Two words. Geronimo Jackson. (GEN)

Mothballs (Charlie, Boone) - PG13 - Charlie and Boone discover another island secret. (HUMOUR)

Curtain Call (Richard) - PG - Richard contemplates conclusions. (DRABBLE)

Famous Last Words (Miles) - PG - Miles learns Daniel been killed. (DRABBLE)

Forgive, and you shall be Forgiven (Eko) - PG - Eko's thoughts before he dies. (DRABBLE)

An Epilogue (Juliet, Desmond) - PG13 - Warning for Character Death - After three blissful years, Juliet and Desmond are back where they started. (GEN)

J.A.C.O.B. (Hurley, Aaron, Walt, Charlie H., Clementine) - PG - Hurley travels into the future and meets the members of J.A.C.O.B. (Justice and Atonement for the Children of Bastards.) (HUMOUR)

Top Ten Things You Didn't Know about S5 Sawyer (Sawyer) - PG - Nicknames, bunny graffiti and going commando. (HUMOUR)

The Forsaken (Charles/Eloise, Richard, Daniel, Ben, Desmond, Penny, Sawyer, Juliet, Horace) – PG13 - It starts and ends with a prophecy, but there’s really nothing divine about the mess Charles and Eloise made over the course of sixty-five years. (SERIES)

Chain Reaction (Daniel, Penny) – PG - The same day Desmond’s released from prison, Penny meets a man named Daniel who tells her she’s his hydrogen bomb. (GEN)

Sun Ray; Shining Light (Richard, Helen, "Helen") - R - Richard leaves the island to pay one last visit to Locke, only to find him on a walkabout. So he turns to someone else to gain insight on John. (GEN/HET)

The Lucky Ones (Desmond, Penny, Ben) - PG 13 - Desmond guesses the meaning of Mrs. Hawking's latest prophecy. (GEN)

On Empty Graves and Open Caskets (Miles) - PG 13 - A little musing from Miles on what has been lost and what has been gained. (GEN)

Sweeping the Perimeter (Jin) – PG - Jin is shocked by Hurley, Kate and Jack’s return. (DRABBLE)

Cowgirl (Charlotte, Miles, Dan) - PG 13 – Too many Charlottes. (DRABBLE)

On Staying Dry (Desmond) – PG – Desmond’s thoughts of sobriety. (DRABBLE)

This is what you gave me (Desmond/Penny) – PG – After their reunion, time has new meaning. (DRABBLE)

We All Fall Down (Richard, Sawyer, Ben) – PG 13 - Set in the early 1980s, Richard is a prisoner of the Dharma Initiative and is joined in his imprisonment by a popping out of time Sawyer. (GEN)

Secret Admirer (Sayid) – R - Now we know why everyone dies around Sayid. (HUMOUR)

Cryptic (Charlie/Boone) - PG 13 - AU - In the early Driveshaft days, Charlie performs at a club and meets an interesting fellow. (SLASH)

Aura (Jack/Juliet) - PG 13 - Jack reflects back on his time in the Hydra. (HET)

A Midnight Stroll Down Cul de Sac Lane (Richard, Boone, Alex) - PG 13 - Richard hasn’t slept in almost 600 years, Alex hasn’t slept in six days. Neither is handling it well. (GEN)

Fewer Degrees of Separation (Jack, Cassidy) - PG 13 - Kate's favour shows up on Jack's doorstep. (GEN)


Peaceful Like a Hurricane's Eye (Charlie, Hurley, Desmond) - PG 13 - Charlie and Hurley's attempt a morale boasting exercise at the site of the exploded hatch and of course, it doesn't go as planned. (HUMOUR)

Now I See You Everywhere - 5/5 - PG 13 - (Desmond, Penny, Sayid, Daniel, Sun, Charlie, Widmore, Ben) - Desmond’s idyllic post-island life is shattered when Penny disappears, forcing him to confront everything he left behind. (SERIES)

Myopic Dystopia (Sayid, Sawyer) - PG 13 - Sayid plays tourist in his own past. (GEN)

Only the Dead have Access (Desmond, Boone) - PG 13 - Boone meets Desmond, his new assignment. (GEN)

Like Moths to a Flames (Miles, Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Cooper, Daniel) - PG 13 - While dealing with Locke's punishment, Miles is visited by the dead and living. (GEN)

Renaissance (Juliet, Ana, Shannon, Claire, Danielle) - PG 13 - Ana appears to Juliet with a special task. (GEN)

The Gift (Charles Widmore) - PG 13 - Charles Widmore gets news of his daughter's marriage. (GEN)

Wilted (Ben, Juliet, Alex) - PG 13 - The heat can make you hear and see things that aren’t really there. (HET)

Return to Sender (Sawyer, Hurley) - PG 13 - A postcard never meant to be read. (GEN)

Collision (Ensemble) - PG 13 - A sequel to Something from Somewhere, Sometime. Some things are just meant to be. (GEN)

Slam! (Shannon, Boone, Charlie, Hurley, Sawyer) - PG 13 - Hurley finds Ethan's list for Ben. (HUMOUR)

The Heart Breaks like Bone (Sun) - PG 13 - Sun picks up the shattered pieces. (HET)

Something from Somewhere, Sometime (Charlie/Claire, ensemble) - PG 13 - Charlie's wish for the Oceanic 6's return comes to fruition and hard choices are made for the future and the past. (GEN)

Carnivorous (Walt/Ji Yeon) - PG 13 - Two children of the island meet as adults. (HET)

Spellbound (Jack/Sawyer) - PG 13 - After the island is moved, Sawyer sees Jack. (SLASH)

Beware of the Fangirls (Fangirls, Cuse, Lindelof) - PG 13 - Disgruntled that Damon did not follow through on his promises, the original fangirl decides its time to take it up a notch. (HUMOUR)

Nothing Beats a Good Death, except Living (Charlie, Karl, Boone, Shannon, Christian) - PG 13 - Charlie covers Boone’s duties as greeter on a day when all hell breaks loose in Craphole Heaven. (HUMOUR)

Good Boy (Vincent, Walt, Michael) - PG 13 - A dog-eared account of the preparations before the Dawsons' board Flight 815. (GEN)

The Mouth that Lies, Slays the Soul (Jack, Kate, Michael, Charlie, Desmond, Penny, Frank, Ben) - PG 13 - In his treatise “On Lying,” St. Augustine claimed there are eight kinds of lies. Over the course of one week, nearly all types were told onboard the Searcher; however, no saints were present. (GEN)

Barren in the Promised Land - PG 13 - 3/3 (Juliet, Ben, Danielle, Claire, Jack, Sawyer) - PG 13 - A wise man one said: a timid person is frightened before a danger, a coward during the time, and a courageous person afterward. At different points in her life, Juliet has been all three. (SERIES)

If the Fates Allow (Desmond) - PG 13 - Desmond slowly awakes to his precarious position on the freighter. (GEN)

You'll Find them Halfway Between an Inhale and Exhale (Desmond/Penny, Daniel) - PG 13 - It doesn’t surprise Penny when she finally arrives on the island that Desmond is nowhere to be found. (HET)

Drowning your Sorrows by Land or by Sea - 4/4- PG 13 - (Jack/Penny, Desmond/Penny, Kate, Hurley, Sayid) - Some lies are just waiting to be confessed to the right person. (SERIES)

Truth is the Daughter of Time (Alex, Danielle, Karl) - PG 13 - Back at the barracks, Alex and Danielle begin the process of getting to know each other. (GEN)

Rosetta (Ben, Penny) - PG 13 - Decoding the love between fathers and daughters. (GEN)

Bring Out Your Dead (Sarah, Jack) - PG 13 - It ends where it began.(GEN)

Of Utmost Urgency (Locke) - PG 13 - Locke has always been preoccupied with surviving. (GEN)

Straying from the Beaten Path (Desmond/Penny) - PG 13 - A trail of reunions lay in their wake. (Het)

From Where We Stand (Jin, Bernard, Sayid) - PG 13 - Their memories never stray far from the island and even miles apart, their fates are still intertwined. (Het)

Eulogy (Charlie, Hurley, Tom, Juliet, Richard) - PG 13 - Two separate groups lay Ethan to rest. (GEN)

Fasten your Seatbelt (Kate) - PG 13 - Reflections on arriving and leaving the island. (GEN)

An Inventory of her Senses (Claire) - PG 13 - Miles away from the fuselage, Claire fights to stay focused on the present.(GEN)

A Friend is a Gift you Give Yourself (Sawyer) - PG 13 - Left behind, left alone, Sawyer’s going to go crazy if things stay like this. (GEN)

Unearthed - PG 13 - Nothing stays buried forever. (DRABBLE)

The Truth Shall Set You Free (and Other Myths) (Kate, Jack, Ben, Sawyer, Desmond, Hurley, Juliet) - A series of six vignettes about incarceration, confinement and captivity. (GEN)


Siren Song (Danielle, Jacob, Ben) - PG 13 - Rousseau’s arrival on the island as interpreted by a captivated Jacob. (GEN)

Stung (Alex, Ben, Richard) - PG 13 - When a flower blooms, the bees come uninvited or perhaps it's the other way around. (GEN)

Coming Home From Lonely Places (Desmond, Kelvin, Charlie) - PG 13 - Desmond gets a visit from the Ghost of Christmas past, present and future. (GEN)

To What it Was (Sawyer, Shannon, Boone) - PG 13 - A book about bunnies makes the rounds. (GEN)

Unwound (Jack, Sawyer, Ensemble) - PG 13 - When Arzt's predictions about tailwinds come true, the castaways take refuge in the hatch. (GEN)

B-Sides (Charlie) - PG 13 - Before he wrote his top five moments, Charlie made another list that he didn't show anyone. (GEN)

These Things Shall Never Die (Charlie, Desmond) - PG 13 - Since everyone else is preoccupied, Charlie takes it upon himself to interrogate the camp's latest arrival. (GEN)

State of Emergency (Jacob, Ensemble) - PG 13 - Jacob’s amused and shaken by Flight 815’s unexpected arrival on the island. (GEN)

Whims of the Wind (Desmond, Libby) - PG 13 - Desmond comes for the boat only to find Libby had changed her mind. (GEN)

Our Lady of the Lost and Found (Margo, Carmen) - PG 13 - There's a kinship that comes from losing their sons. (GEN)

Gushin (Ensemble) - PG 13 - Four years later the ghosts still linger. (GEN)

These Things Shall Never Die (Charlie, Desmond) - PG 13 - Since everyone else is preoccupied, Charlie takes it upon himself to interrogate the camp's latest arrival. (GEN)

Chimera (Claire/Desmond) – PG 13 - If Claire counted on her hand how wrong this was, she would have run out of fingers. (HET)

The Children’s Table (Alex, Ben, Walt, Karl) - PG 13 - It's hard to play hostess when your world is spinning. (GEN)

The Necessity of Wearing Your Parachute (Jack) - PG 13 - If Nathan or Jack had been inclined to talk further, they would have discovered they had a lot more in common than the beards. (CROSSOVER - Lost/Heroes)

Ebb and Tide 12/12 (Jack/Kate, Kate/Sawyer, Penny/Desmond, Ensemble) - PG 13 - After they are the only ones to escape the island, Jack and Kate receive unexpected help trying to get back. Meanwhile, life goes on for those they left behind. (SERIES)
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Janice: lost s5 picjaydblu on April 14th, 2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
You did a nice job with your list! I like the way you organized it.
elliotsmelliot: Sayid tarpelliotsmelliot on April 14th, 2009 07:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It took a while to code and organize, so I'm glad it makes some sense.